Highest Level Healing Jumpstart

Ease, Flow, Joy and Grace Starts Here:


Highest Level Healing Jumpstart

is your path toward
inner peace

Does this sound familiar?

You're at a glass ceiling in your healing process that you just can't get past.

And you've tried everything: Therapy, doctors, Reiki, yoga, holistic medicine...

...but you still haven't reached the level of healing that you need to get to... 

I hear you and you're in the right place!



If you're experiencing any of the following:

  • have a vision for your life but you can't "jump over the hurdles"

  • chronic issues you've had for years that don't go away

  • stress and overwhelm

  • resentment towards your parents/spouse/children

  • anxiety

  • low energy

  • lack of balance in your life

  • feeling ungrounded

  • being drained or depleted

  • difficult/toxic relationships

  • a sense of being disconnected from yourself

  • past physical or emotional abuse

  • anything that is keeping you from feeling deeply connected to your true self and/or the Divine


This is what you'll get: 

  • Three high-vibe sessions for healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The healing is powerful yet gentle.

  • Save years and $$$ from therapies and modalities that don't address the underlying energetic root of your health and well-being challenges

  • Master-level intuitive reading and healing so you can feel more calm, connected, confident and aligned than presently

  • Ongoing customized energy scans and healing from Divine Source 24/7 for one month that accelerate and deepen your healing during the course of the program

  • Support tool before and after each session to get the most value from your sessions



"I feel much less anxious about everything!"

"Before my program with Devora Gila, I was struggling with health issues and anxiety, and feeling anxious about it! I believe everything was boiling down into my (lack of) health. I decided to work with Devora Gila because she has, over the years, been a wonderful "yes you can!" influence! I especially appreciated her personal concern for my well being. Now I feel physically better, and much less anxious about everything!"
Mindy Barad, Lawyer


"I watched how the Divine sent me the ability to prepay you in full immediately....This helped me feel that the ease and flow has begun!" S.T., Motivational Speaker

Total Value: $1200

Option A

Full Pay: $750


Option B

2 Monthly Payments of $400