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I know what it’s like to be pulled in different directions without enough time for yourself.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I used to push myself to be the best in everything I did.

From playing the clarinet to academics, from spiritual growth to raising my kids.

As a kid I never felt that I was enough. Everything had to be perfect.

(I would feel shattered if I got an 88 on a test or won 2nd place in a contest.)

Then a crisis in my twenties led me to yoga and healing, but I never resolved my underlying pattern of "not enough".

So when I married and started having a family, the yoga and healing was like a band-aid to help me pull myself together while I ran my life on an empty tank. I was constantly giving to everyone around me, feeling like I was under a mountain of stress. Feeling out of balance and frustrated that I didn't have enough time for myself.

I’m Devora, The Ease and Flow Coach, specializing in helping women like you to feel more relaxed, balanced and aligned in their life, work and business.

It starts with tuning into your body, embracing your emotions and nurturing your divine connection so you can become happier and healthier.

I can help you get out of stress and overwhelm
once and for all! 

Devora’s professional certifications include:






"On helping women, Devora Gila Berkowitz is THE real thing: I now know just how deep she has gone into the process of learning how to embody balance and self care while mothering. What she offers comes from her deep journey, and is coupled with her beautiful artistic ability to see the uniqueness of each one of her clients."

Ruth Toledo Altschuler
Essence Mentoring Founder, Flower Essence Practitioner and Educator


I wanted to be the perfect mother to perfect children.

At every moment possible I focused on giving to their bodies, minds and souls. It was never enough! I was exhausted. All I kept thinking was that I just wanted time for myself.

And, guess what? I did get that time. Because I landed in the hospital for three days!

My arms were practically black and blue from constant blood tests as a bewildered team of doctors and their medical students tried to figure out what was wrong with me.

Turns out, I developed a rare neurological condition from all of the stress. I had inflammation of the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerve.

That meant that some essential parts of my body were actually missing. I literally had brain damage and I was going blind.

I realized I did this to myself.

I was scared.

I didn't know what would be.

But there in the hospital, a voice rose up from deep within me:

You are already enough. And I was comforted. I knew I'd be OK.

So I decided to change my life. 

Do a complete turnaround.

Recreate my relationship with myself.


I made the decision to get off of the hamster wheel I had created
and learn how to live my life from a place of well-being.

I made a personal commitment to become a happier and healthier mom, not just for the sake of my family, but for myself.

So you could say that getting seriously ill saved my life.

I worked with several holistic practitioners and immersed myself
into a powerful inward healing journey guided by my mentor, who coached me through it. I deepened my connection to my inner guidance and created an exquisitely profound relationship to the Divine.

I finally started to take time for myself to give to myself.
I discovered an inner strength and intuitive abilities I didn't know I had.
And my personal journey from chronic illness to wellness inspired me to help others.


I didn’t want other women to burn out like I did. I became passionate about helping them connect to body, mind, heart and soul to be happier and healthier for themselves and thrive with their families.

So I learned the skills to make that happen. I trained as a coach, mind-body and energy healer, created my own programs and launched my business.

I now work with women around the world, just like you, to help them overcome the “3 O’s” of Overwhelm, Overdrive and Overgiving.

As a result, they embody greater levels of well-being and feel more ease and flow in their life, work and business.


"Devora’s coaching transcends the typical,
bringing celebration of all that I am into light.
I walked away with much love for myself.
And for that, I am eternally grateful.
If you are a mother who puts herself last,
do yourself a favor and talk to Devora Gila Berkowitz."

Carol Williams
Productivity Coach


I want you to know that you are
so much more than "enough" and "worthy"...

You are a creation of the Divine!

It took me a lifetime of learning how to value myself more, put myself first, and reconnect to myself.

I had to learn how to live my life from a place of ease and well-being instead of stress and overwhelm.

I don’t want it to take that long for you.


You CAN feel open and peaceful, grounded and balanced.

This journey begins with self-awareness.

Knowing that you are worthy of love.

My "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" will start you on your way.

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Still reading? Here are some things you may find interesting about me:


My intuition and ability to hold sacred space are the legacy I bring as a descendant of priests and musicians who served the Divine in the ancient Temple of Jerusalem over 2000 years ago. 

And I can help you connect to your essence to shine your own light out into the world!


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I am grateful to support clients of The Coaches Console and love the amazing work our Dream Team does to help awesome coaches build their businesses in a lifestyle they love.

(That's me in the yellow hat on the left!)

When I'm not supporting my clients' breakthroughs as a mindset mentor and alignment alchemist,

I love to be out in nature, play world music, and grow with my husband and spirited children in our home in Israel. (Here's part of our tribe!) 


Giving credit where it's due

In gratitude, I recognize my coaches and healers who have led me to where I am today to serve others at the highest level I know:

Melinda Cohan

Kate Steinbacher

Elizabeth Purvis

George Kao

Nan Einarson

Stacey Mayo

Valerie Pearson

Haya Baker



If you feel ready to explore how to have more ease and flow in a supportive way that feels right for you...

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"Before I began my coaching program with Devora Gila, I was feeling stressed, frustrated, anxious, and very tired. I was very unsure how to get more work/life balance and I was drained at the end of the work day without any energy to take care of myself and family. My husband and I were barely communicating and I was feeling very distant from him. There was a lot of tension, stress, anger and frustration in our relationship.

I contacted Devora for help because I was feeling too burnt out to take care of myself. I knew I would have a total meltdown and crash from exhaustion because of the pressure and stress that had built up.

After working with Devora, I’m now able to recognize when I’m overworking and stressing, then take a pause and remedy the situation. I am kinder to myself, and my husband and I are a team. Now my daughter goes happily to daycare and stays with a babysitter weekly when my husband and I go out to spend time with each other.

I feel more relaxed at work and can deal with life in a more balanced way. It's good to be in a relaxed, peaceful, space. I have more time for myself and more energy. I am so happy with the results from the coaching that I’ve signed up for another 6 months!"

Tovah Davis
Project Manager, Marketing Department, Hebrew University