Intuitive Assessment

Take a step towards your next healing breakthrough!

In this laser-focused call, you will:

  • Discover the energetic roots and influences of what's keeping you stuck. This can be any of, but not limited to, the following: genetic/ancestral, childhood environment, relationship entanglements, emotional imbalances, spiritual imbalances, mindset and beliefs, past lives, and outside influences

  • Receive valuable insights and information as you are scanned by Source/G*d/Creator for those energetic connections

  • Explore how you receive divine healing energy for these blocks, to better understand your healing potential.

  • Have a deeper understanding of what you need to know, or to do, in order to heal, which will empower you in your journey

    If at the end of the assessment you feel that it would be a fit to work with Devora, you can inquire about the possibilities to help you reach your next highest level of healing.



After payment, you will be directed to schedule your session.


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