Highest Level Healing Sessions

"I came to Devora feeling physical imbalance and lack of being whole and healthy. I found it difficult to leave my house or travel. In our session, Devora gracefully and easily brought forward Divine Light and was able to stay very present with each nuance of Sacred Energy. Her perception was crystal clear. I clearly saw Divine healing reaching deeply into my body, opening and clearing, while flooded with Divine Light. The healing energy was palpable; very real and intimately involved in my being alive. Rarely would you find anyone as connected, vigilant and in touch with the true essence and glory of G-d. Devora is an emissary of the healing power of the Almighty. Truly, she is exceptional."  Ellena Lieberman, Spiritual Educator specializing in The Akashic Records, Consultant and Teacher





Highest Level Healing Single Session (45 minutes)





Highest Level Healing Mini-Session (25 minutes)



"Devora is a highly intuitive soul with a deep connection to the Divine.  Working with Devora gives me the sense that I am being totally cared for, heard and looked after by an immensely warm and caring individual.  She goes way beyond and gives me treasured information that has helped me find solutions to my problems.  My meeting her has become one of the greatest gifts that I have received in recent months and I believe that I am gradually moving into a better version of myself. Through her highly accurate intuition and connection with the Divine, Devora can help people to find the source of their problems and offer energetic  solutions to alleviate them. I heartily recommend her to anyone who is looking for insights into one’s healing path in life.  William Livingstone, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Naturopath, Cranio-Sacral Therapist


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