BLOG POST: What Your Intuition Wants You to Know


Psst! Hey, it’s your intuition. Got a minute?
You may not realize this but I talk to you a lot. And I’m noticing that you don’t always listen. Don’t worry about me, I don’t take any offense, but I am concerned about you.
I see you’re often overwhelmed, pulled in different directions, feeling scattered all over the place like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle.
I hear your frustration. Sometimes you’re resentful that other people are taking up your time. Sometimes you feel guilty that you didn’t get everything done. And sometimes you may even wonder if you’re going to burn out.
I feel your stress. I really do. You are drained and depleted, exhausted, and you have no time to take care of yourself. Well, that’s what I hear you saying anyway. A lot.
I listen to you!
How about listening to me more often? Hmm?
You know I'm here for you...
If you tune in, you can hear me telling you that you are created by the Divine. That your natural state is to feel free, calm and relaxed. That your birthright is to be aligned, balanced and grounded. Connected and in harmony with yourself.
I would say that you are created from flow, with ease of well-being. That you can enjoy your life, feeling open and connected, more fulfilled with a sense of inner peace. This is possible because you are a divine being!
I would tell you that you are already enough.
You are loved.
You are important.
You are whole and complete, in all of your humanness, however you are showing up right now.
That’s how I see you from my point of view. Where I come from, there’s no time. No past and no future. Everything is good, right now at this moment.
I’m your intuition and I’m here for you.
When you decide to tap into me, I will guide you to know what to do. When you pay attention to me, I will give you all the answers you need. I will not let you down. I am your truth.
I’m an ancient part of you, the voice of your soul, your divine guidance.
What would you like to ask me today? I’m listening.

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