BLOG POST: When You Go From High to Low - Is it Failure?

Has this ever happened to you?
You reach a new state of well-being. Your mind is clear. You feel great. You're on top of your game. You're flying high. And you think, "Finally, I've made it!"
Then before you know it, you're back at square one. Struggling with the same thing all over again. You feel like you're starting over. And maybe you even feel that you've failed.
Does falling down from a "high" mean you've failed?
Absolutely not.
It's the Divine blueprint of Creation.
Life contains ebbs and flows, ups and downs.
Birth follows the most difficult contractions.
Spring emerges after a harsh winter.
You can see this pattern in physics. A rollercoaster has to go down at a fast speed before rising back up to reach new heights. By its very nature, it cannot just keep going higher and higher like an escalator...Plus, that wouldn't make it fun and interesting.
Or imagine a deep sea diver, who descends into the depths of the ocean before resurfacing with new discoveries and insights that couldn't be found anywhere else.
While losing momentum in your health, wellness and personal growth, -- and even backtracking -- may not feel fun and interesting, it is a necessary part of life, and is the key to getting to the next level.
But it doesn't feel so good... so what should you do?
When you've hit a new low, send yourself unconditional love and self-compassion. Wait it out. Maybe it's even time to develop your sense of humility. Help someone else. And know that you will soon be back on track getting to your next level of health and wellness.
This is a common pattern in my own life. I still have to remind myself that the new challenges are meant to make me stronger the next time around. When I send myself self-compassion and unconditional love, instead of being hard on myself and judgmental, it makes the transition easier.
Do you have a story about a time when you went down a level... only to come back up again?
Feel free to share your experience with me.