From Healer to Healer: How to stop feeling like a fraud that you didn't heal yourself yet

She came for my help feeling like a fraud.
She was a seasoned healer, an expert...
...and yet, she struggled with a chronic illness that she just couldn't get over.
She had "tried everything"...
...and felt like a failure that she hadn't gotten to the level of well-being that she wanted.
What was worse, she had so many clients that she herself had helped.
This "imposter syndrome" was really getting to her.
What would you say to someone in this position?
What would you do?
The first thing I did was help her get into a state of relaxation.
Next, I encouraged her to give herself self-compassion and unconditional love for being with a chronic illness.
I reminded her of being on a soul journey.
I reminded her that everything in her life has happened for a reason, specifically for her, and for her highest good.
I reminded her that her Divine Source was reaching out to her to be in relationship.
And that she had the innate power to heal within.
From this place of relaxation and empowerment, we scanned her system and found a great weight of "not enough" coming through...
... from her childhood environment...
...and in her family ancestry...
Healing was sent from her Divine Source and she began to feel lighter.
She felt the tension in her body lift and sensed a new freedom.
I asked her to invite a circle of her elder, wiser selves to surround her.
She imagined being surrounded by a circle of women dressed in white, flowing robes, who were dancing around her.
"Ask them what you need to do, have or know in order to heal."
Very quickly, she knew the answer.
"They say that I need to believe that I can heal, and I will," she said.
"That's beautiful," I responded. "Believe you can heal, and you will."
After she thanked her sage selves and integrated them back into her present self, she opened her eyes.
"What will you take away from this session?"
"Not to be so hard on myself for not being able to heal until now. I'm going to go easy on myself and believe that I can do this. And I will, with G-d's help."
She walked away from the session with a new-found confidence that she was, in fact, exactly where she needed to be, chronic illness and all.
I have total faith that with this confidence, she will get to her next highest level of healing.
You can, too.